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How To Beat Your Speeding Ticket

So it eventually happened – you got a speeding ticket?! What should you do next? Many people believe that the best thing they can do in this situation is to humbly accept committed fault and silently pay the fee. This self-humiliation is not only incorrect as many traffic tickets get routinely defeated in traffic court – it could be very harmful for your driving record and specifically for your rising auto insurance premiums. Never forget – you are not guilty until proven guilty in the court of law. Know your rights and most importantly - know how to defend them in the court. read more ...

Fighting Your DUI / DWI Ticket

Defeating a DUI ticket is one of the trickiest challenges any driver can have. The positive result is never guaranteed and there is always a lot of psychological pressure during the process. DUI is a serious violation and is even considered to be a felony in many States. However being knowledgeable and prepared to fight a DUI always helps to improve your chances and minimize the potential loss. Discussed here tips and tricks provide you with a general guidance and professional advices shared by many practicing DUI lawyers with real experience of defending DUI/DWI cases in the court. read more ...

Defeating Your Red Ligh Camera Ticket

Red light cameras gradually became the part of our urban landscape. They spread over the Cities and Counties and in some cases could cover the entire State. Many motorists believe that they are the incarnation of evil, a hiccup of our local transportation departments craving for more money from innocent motorists. Others are convinced that red light cameras bring safety, law and order to our roads. This article would give you the basic knowledge of red light cameras modus operandi and will walk you through effective defense strategies to beat a ticket if you unfortunately got one. read more ...

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