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Free Online Driver License Training in Your Language

  • Get Free Training as Much as You Want and When You Want.

  • Several Hundred Computer-Generated Customized Test Questions.

  • Rich Library of Traffic Signs Grouped by Category.

  • Get Driver License Training in Your Language of Choice:

7 Reasons You Will Love CarGalaxies On-line Driver License Training.

  • Several hundred high quality driver knowledge questions.
  • Impressive high quality and high resolution 3D images for every question.
  • Driver knowledge tests with structure and content customized for each of the 50 states in the country.
  • Truly multilingual cyber class facility – get training in your native language:
    English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese languages supported.
  • Unlimited training sessions and free language switch while you learn.
  • Easy upgradeable test difficulty level with additional questions in 25-50 question block increments.
  • Flexible line of training packages with incrementally increased complexity and price.